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Officers of Springdale Estates Association:

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Springdale Pool Information:

The Pool on Leesville Road does not belong to the subdivision, Springdale Estates. Instead, its membership is available to all Springdale area residents. See the Pool's website, www.SpringdalePool.com.

Block Captains:

Area 1 Director: Jim Brennan, area1@springdaleestates.org
1A Vacant, block1a@springdaleestates.org
1B Vacant, block1b@springdaleestates.org
1C Betsy Pearce, block1c@springdaleestates.org
1D Karen McGann, block1d@springdaleestates.org
1E Monta Betts, block1e@springdaleestates.org
1F Scott Cruikshank, block1f@springdaleestates.org

Area 2 Director: vacant, area2@springdaleestates.org
2A Emily Wegmann, block2a@springdaleestates.org
2B Warren Fuson, block2b@springdaleestates.org
2C Vacant, block2c@springdaleestates.org
2D Lisa Sanders, block2d@springdaleestates.org
2E Lee Mabry, block2e@springdaleestates.org

Area 3 Director: Paul MacDougal, area3@springdaleestates.org
3A Rita Hayes, block3a@springdaleestates.org
3B Bethany Stempien, block3b@springdaleestates.org
3C Debra Burke, block3c@springdaleestates.org
3D Sue Schaefer, block3d@springdaleestates.org
3E Vacant, block3e@springdaleestates.org
3F Mark Matthews, block3f@springdaleestates.org
3G Ryan Wilson, block3g@springdaleestates.org

Area 4 Director: vacant, area4@springdaleestates.org
4A Mark Fisher, block4a@springdaleestates.org
4B Vacant, block4b@springdaleestates.org
4C Peter Anderson, block4c@springdaleestates.org
4D Pam Cochrane, block4d@springdaleestates.org
4E Vacant, block4e@springdaleestates.org
4F Merry Oestrich, block4f@springdaleestates.org

Area 5 Director: vacant, area5@springdaleestates.org
5A Ted Kellett, block5a@springdaleestates.org
5B Vacant, block5b@springdaleestates.org
5C Allison Nani, block5c@springdaleestates.org
5D Vacant, block5d@springdaleestates.org

Community Information:

Zoning & Planning for Springdale Estates:

City of Raleigh has a Citizens Advisory Council, for involving citizens in the happenings in the area.  Springdale Estates is in the Northwest/Umstead CAC. It meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, at 7:00 PM at the Police District 21 Building, 8016 Glenwood Ave/US 70 (on the north side between Lynn Rd. and Pinecrest). The contact person is Aracelys Torrez. She may be reached at aracelys.torrez@raleighnc.gov or 919-996-5717.

Contact the webmaster at webmaster@springdaleestates.org