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Springdale Pool Information:

The Pool on Leesville Road does not belong to the subdivision, Springdale Estates. Instead, its membership is available to all Springdale area residents. Springdale area refers to the neighborhoods in Northwest Raleigh. See the Pool's website, www.SpringdalePool.com.

Block Captains:

Area 1 Director: Krysta Marcuson, area1@springdaleestates.org
1A Vacant, block1a@springdaleestates.org
1B Vacant, block1b@springdaleestates.org
1C Betsy Pearce, block1c@springdaleestates.org
1D Karen McGann, block1d@springdaleestates.org
1E Monta Betts, block1e@springdaleestates.org
1F Scott Cruikshank, block1f@springdaleestates.org

Area 2 Director: vacant, area2@springdaleestates.org
2A Emily Wegmann, block2a@springdaleestates.org
2B Warren Fuson, block2b@springdaleestates.org
2C Vacant, block2c@springdaleestates.org
2D Lisa Sanders, block2d@springdaleestates.org
2E Lee Mabry, block2e@springdaleestates.org

Area 3 Director: Ryan Wilson, area3@springdaleestates.org
3A Rita Hayes, block3a@springdaleestates.org
3B Bethany Stempien, block3b@springdaleestates.org
3C Debra Burke, block3c@springdaleestates.org
3D Sue Schaefer, block3d@springdaleestates.org
3E Vacant, block3e@springdaleestates.org
3F Mark Matthews, block3f@springdaleestates.org
3G Ryan Wilson, block3g@springdaleestates.org

Area 4 Director: vacant, area4@springdaleestates.org
4A Mark Fisher, block4a@springdaleestates.org
4B Vacant, block4b@springdaleestates.org
4C Peter Anderson, block4c@springdaleestates.org
4D Pam Cochrane, block4d@springdaleestates.org
4E Vacant, block4e@springdaleestates.org
4F Merry Oestrich, block4f@springdaleestates.org

Area 5 Director: Sonia Vega, area5@springdaleestates.org
5A Ted Kellett, block5a@springdaleestates.org
5B Vacant, block5b@springdaleestates.org
5C Allison Nani, block5c@springdaleestates.org
5D Vacant, block5d@springdaleestates.org

Community Information:

Zoning & Planning for Springdale Estates:

City of Raleigh has a Citizens Advisory Council, for involving citizens in the happenings in the area.  Springdale Estates is in the Northwest/Umstead CAC. It meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, at 7:00 PM at the Police District 21 Building, 8016 Glenwood Ave/US 70 (on the north side between Lynn Rd. and Pinecrest). The contact person is Aracelys Torrez. She may be reached at aracelys.torrez@raleighnc.gov or 919-996-5717.

Contact the webmaster at webmaster@springdaleestates.org